When is Lake City Family Physicians open?
Office hours are 8 AM to 5 PM, Monday through Friday.  By prior arrangement, Drs. Pflaum or Ziebarth will provide medical services after-hours or on weekends. In certain circumstances, they will also make house calls.

Whom should I phone when I need to speak with my healthcare provider?
Please call our office at 651-345-2350 if you need to speak to Dr. Pflaum or Dr. Ziebarth.  During office hours, our office staff will assist you with questions. After hours, either leave a message or listen for instructions on how to contact a healthcare provider.  Voice messages will be answered the following business day.

What should I do when I need a refill on my medication?
The most efficient way to have your medication refilled is to phone the pharmacy where you initially received your prescription and ask them to contact our office. If you have no refills remaining, you will need to schedule an appointment with your healthcare provider, or contact the office to discuss a possible continuation of your prescription.

Where and how do I receive emergency care?
In the event of a true emergency, dial 911 for ambulance services.

If you have questions about whether emergency care is appropriate, phone our office at 651-345-2350 and speak to the office staff.  If calling after hours, our voicemail machine will direct you to the on-call phone of Dr. Pflaum or Ziebarth.  Depending on your medical problem, Dr. Pflaum or Ziebarth will arrange to meet you at the clinic, suggest a timely appointment, or direct you to receive emergency room care.

During office hours, our healthcare providers are always available to care for walk-in, urgent and minor emergency problems.

What would occur in the event that I require hospital, surgical or nursing home care?
Drs. Pflaum and Ziebarth are on the medical staff of St. Elizabeth’s Hospital in Wabasha, and also care for patients at the Mayo Health System Lake City Care Center.

If you require medical or surgical care that cannot be provided in our office, patient choice determines your referral direction. As independent physicians, we have no referral obligation or duty to any particular physician or medical center.  Our only priority is to allow you to access the best quality medical care possible.

Does Lake City Family Physicians provide outpatient services?
We have a fully staffed laboratory and x-ray department on-site.  If other imaging services are necessary, such as MRI or CT scans, then access, availability and patient preference guide scheduling.

What insurance plans are covered?
Our clinic accepts most insurance plans, including Medicare. Please phone us at 651-345-2350 to inquire about your particular health insurance coverage.

Our providers are keenly aware of the high cost of medical services, and have made every effort to make Lake City Family Physicians fees among the lowest in the area.  We offer a 20% cash discount for self-pay patients the day of service.